Vogue Menthe

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Tried so many menthol cigarettes but didn’t get a pure pleasure? Looking for the menthol cigarettes to satisfy your smoking pleasure? Vogue Menthe is the best choice for you to opt for. If you crave the fantastic blend of legendry tobacco flavour with a fusion of menthol, you must give a try to Vogue cigarette. It is not like the typical menthol cigarettes that you might have tasted before; instead, a new menthol refreshing taste awaits you in Vogue Menthe. Let’s have a view of what these Vogue Menthe cigarettes have to offer you.

  • Each pack of cigarettes contain 20 cigarettes.
  • Each cigarette contains 0.7 mg of nicotine and 7 mg of tar content.
  • This product is available in super slim size cigarettes.

Vogue Menthe

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