Parliament Aqua Blue


The price is for one carton (10 packs)

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It is one of the many types of Parliament Cigarettes by Phillip Morris. Besides coming from a reputable brand, Parliament Aqua Blue:

  • is made from the finest tobacco variety available;
  • its filters are designed to provide the best flavor with negligible tar quantities.

These cigarettes provide a sense of pride to consumers who like feeling like the elites. It is excellent for people that love being classy.

Everydaysmokes ensures this product’s delivery is consistent and that you never lack a packet of this magical treat. Other perks of buying Parliament Aqua Blue cigarettes from Everydaysmokes include:

  • You can make your order online
  • You can check if the product is still in stock or not
  • Reasonable prices

Are Parliament Aqua Blue Cigarettes Available Outside the US?

Although this brand comes from the USA, it is available internationally through Philip Morris International. It is then sold to consumers through distributors such as Everydaysmokes. The company sells them in small quantities or bulk, depending on the consumer’s needs.

With distributors such as Everydaysmokes, the purchase becomes easy as transactions can be done online from consumers’ comfort. When the product is out of stock, it is updated, so customers do not get frustrated during checkout after completing the shopping process.

Are Parliament Aqua Blue Safe?

Parliament cigarettes consist of 0.4g of nicotine and 6mg of tar. These quantities are manageable, but when consumed in excess, that’s when trouble sets. The manufacturer also warns of the dangers of smoking when done without limitations.


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