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The price is for one carton (10 packs)

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L&M Blue Label is the best quality cigarettes that you can have. If you want to upgrade your smoking life, you must try L&M Blue Label. L&M Loft 2 in 1 is the pack of premium quality cigarettes packed with love for all the tobacco lovers out there. LM tobacco products are well known for their best quality and world-class selected tobaccos that provide the smokers with the enriched flavor. L&M Loft 2 in 1 has a lot of contours that you must need to know about. Let’s have a look at those treasures.

Each pack of L&M Loft 2 in 1 contains 0.6 mg of nicotine and 6 mg tar.
Each pack of L&M Loft 2 in 1 contains 20 cigarettes.
Enriched tobacco flavor with a pleasant smell to qualify your taste.

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