Kent Nanotek 4


The price is for one carton (10 packs)

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Another Kent product standing, high in the market, and making Kent proud with the name Kent Nanotek 4. Kent Nanotek 4 is the premium quality modern cigarettes that would help you enjoy the real tobacco pleasure. These compact sized cigarettes are no less than the others in providing you with the legendry tobacco flavor. If you once try Kent Nanotek 4, you would surely love the taste and aroma of the cigarettes. Each cigarette of the pack would take you to a new world of tobacco. If you haven’t tried yet, you must not miss a chance to enjoy this ultimate pleasure of smoking. Let’s see what awaits you there in Kent Nanotek 4 pack:

Each cigarette contains 0.4mg nicotine and 4mg tar.
The size of the cigarettes is compact and mini but gives you the full flavor.
Each pack of Kent Nanotek 4 contains 20 cigarettes.

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