Kent HD Futura Blue


The price is for one carton (10 packs)

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We are all aware of the Kent cigarettes’ blockbuster success in the market. The reason behind their ultimate fan following is that they keep on launching their fantastic and fabulous products in the market. Kent HD Futura Blue is also a dapper addition to the Kent cigarettes family. With many other versions of Kent cigarettes, Kent HD Futura also stepped into the market and conquered it. Kent HD Futura Blue is the best quality premium cigarette that brings you the ultimate pleasure of tobacco with its classic and robust tobacco flavor. Let’s see what you can avail off in a pack of Kent HD Futura Blue:

A classic and robust flavor of tobacco in every cigarette
The product contains 8mg tar and 0.6mg nicotine in every tobacco stick.
A pack of Kent HD Futura Blue contains 20 king-sized cigarettes.

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