Heets For IQOS Green Zing


The price is for one carton (10 packs)

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We all realize that IQOS is an alternative for smoking cigarettes that is safer than the regular process and this is why many individuals like IQOS devices. IQOS devices use a heating system but the regular smoking method uses burning. As IQOS heets cigarettes are consumed with heating process, they are made ready for consumption at a lower temperature compared to the regular smoking experience. This is what makes this system safer and healthier than the regular smoking process by saving you from the harmful substances and it also does not create any smoke and ash. It can be consumed indoor because it has no negative effect on residential air quality and it leaves a lot less smell on the cloth and hand compared to regular cigarettes.

IQOS heets comes with many flavors and Green Zing is one of them. It conveys invigorating menthol flavor that will revive your IQOS experience. Its cooling sensations crash into a citrus burst and the fragrance of boiling herb qualifies the fabulous puffs of heets. Green Zing Label Heets is a rich and cool menthol upgraded with oranges and homegrown notes. These heatsticks contain tobacco that is specially chosen for the IQOS heating process for a better experience.

If you are hoping to purchase Green Zing heets online, you can buy heets for IQOS from us at a very reasonable price. IQOS heets are accessible in various flavors and assortment; everyone is better than the other. No need to search for “cheap heets or heets near me” anymore. We provide all the best quality IQOS products and you can pick between a few variations. Let’s take a look at the features of Green Zing heets;

  • The solid fragrance of spicy herbs
  • Cooling menthol feel
  • Its force suits the individuals who need to remain typical, not extremely high, not low.


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