Heets For IQOS Gold Label Exclusive


The price is for one carton (10 packs)

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Presenting another new class of heated tobacco heatsticks called Heets Gold Label Exclusive specially designed only for Electric Heating IQOS devices. It is something new in the category provided by the manufacturers for the everyday smoking experience. Gold Label heets cigarettes offer you a balanced and fresh taste that enhances your IQOS experience. Because of the limited quantity of menthol, the velvety IQOS Heets Gold Label Exclusive flavor leaves fresh aftertaste instead of leaving a horrendous delayed flavor impression in your mouth. The taste lasts constantly without causing any perforation of the throat and it smells neutral. The rich blend makes it stand out from the crowd from all other labels of the heets.

IQOS Gold Label uses a heating system instead of burning the products. This is why, after utilizing IQOS, the scent left on the hands, hair, and clothes is a lot less than that left on the cigarette. It also does not produce ash and smoke and can be enjoyed indoors. It is a safer and healthier option than smoking regular cigarettes because this smoking process does not create harmful substances for the body that the regular cigarettes do. It is a good choice for you to switch your traditional cigarette with Gold Label Exclusive.

Previously, there were problems in purchasing the best heets USA. But now it is easy to get top-notch heets or heatsticks from the online stores. We are providing our clients with world-class heets and different IQOS items. If you want to buy heets online for IQOS then you have come to the right place. Let’s get acquainted with what the Gold Label heets brings us to the table:

  • Appropriate for all IQOS gadgets of every version.
  • Phenomenal substitution of ordinary cigarettes
  • Long-lasting and powerful aroma.
  • Powerless taste yet very strong.
  • Taste of menthol for refreshment.


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