Heets For IQOS Bronze Label


The price is for one carton (10 packs)

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Bronze Label heets are made of hot malt notes and velvety smoke with more prominent flavor. It can be the most ideal alternative for you if you are wishing to enjoy malt notes in the heets. Get the taste of Marlboro heatsticks with its intense flavor along with conventional tobacco flavor. Bronze Label is suitable for use in all of your IQOS devices. A blend of dried fruits and cocoa with excellent tobacco flavor is found in it with a bundle of full strength heets cigarettes. When you stop consuming cigarettes by burning and start consuming by the heating process, this might become the one flavor that fits you.

In the world of IQOS heets, tobacco joins the technological advancement where it is consumed by heating instead of burning, giving a fast portion of nicotine. It reduces a significant number of the harmful substances contained in tobacco. This process also does not create smoke, odor and ash. This process is specially designed to provide you with a sufficient amount of nicotine that you need without harming yourself with other substances that burn with it.

You will get a unique taste and different flavors with the same amount of nicotine in Heets. Marlboro ensured that each excellent cigar combination of all labels is available in our store. Don’t worry about locating the best store from where you can buy heets for IQOS. No need to search for heets online, cheap heets and heets near me anymore because we guarantee to serve you with the best quality heets that you will ever add to your collection. Let’s talk about the highlights of the item:

• The most intense label of heets for IQOS.
• Voluptuous and round aroma notes.
• A mixture of cocoa, dry fruits, and smoke flavor.
• Blend of conventional smoke flavor with velvet flavor.


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