Creations Noor HEETS


Creations Noor HEETS

Creation Noor IQOS heatsticks are used in IQOS devices that use the heating system. Regular cigarettes are used by burning but this cutting edge technology provides a safer and better smoking experience producing low heating systems instead of burning. So, you get a creamy aftertaste without emitting smoke from cigarettes and save yourself from the harmful substances. Creations Noor Heets is highly recommended for everyone out there who wants to have a great IQOS experience.

Creations Noor HEETS

If you are searching for “heets near me or cheap heets” then you need to stop now because you are already at the right place where you can grab all the best quality IQOS heets at reasonable prices. Let’s take a peek at what you are going to have in Creation Noor Heets:

  • Traditional tobacco blend with Nutty, fruity, and citrus flavors.
  • A traditional and elegant IQOS experience.
  • Comes with different tasteful flavors.
  • A warm alternative to smoking cigarettes.
  • 6.1g tobacco mix per stick.

We are known to be the trusted source in supplying heets for IQOS. Make an order now to get your product and we won’t disappoint you with the price and quality of the products.


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