Creations Glaze HEETS


Creations Glaze HEETS

Creations Glaze HEETS pierce you through with its aroma because its taste lasts for so long. You just can’t get enough of it once you try it. These heets cigarettes contain the mixture of excellent aromatic herbs and fresh flavorful spices with a perfect creamy finish together creating glaze heets. If you have been trying many versions of IQOS and haven’t tried it yet then you should try it now and find out the amazing flavors you are missing. You will get a fresh herbal sensation when you smoke this one. This soothing taste of herbal fragrance will offer you uniqueness with a long-lasting effect.

Regular cigarettes are lit by lighters but the IQOS device prepares Heets cigarettes with its heating technology. The creation Glaze Heets cigarettes make sure to heat the additive flavors with the whole mixture of tobacco using the IQOS heating system instead of burning. This technology uses heat to blend the flavor instead of burning and this is why there is no smoke and can be enjoyed indoors. Let’s take a look at the details of Creations heets that you can have:

  • Fragrant herbs aroma.
  • Fantastic nonsmoking experience.
  • It is a new aromatic version in the IQOS heets family.
  • Enjoy different flavors in one pack.
  • 6.1g tobacco mix per sticks.

If you want to buy heets for IQOS then you should know that we are the trusted source of getting the heets USA. We can offer you every version of IQOS products from every category along with IQOS devices that you may find trouble finding in. You don’t have to search anymore for cheap heets, heets online, or ‘heets near me’. Grab the best quality heets for your IQOS devices from us to have the best IQOS nonsmoking experience.

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