Creations Apricity HEETS


Creations Apricity HEETS

Creations Apricity HEETS cigarettes is a must for every smoker who is seeking a tasty substitute for the smoking cigarette. It is an excellent addition to the family of IQOS heets.

No one should miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful profound mixture of fruity and woody flavor with traditional tobacco. The creamy and velvety finishing of this IQOS heetsticks is irresistible because its warm fruity aroma provides a great IQOS experience for the users. Creations Apricity is a variety of smooth and flavored tobacco taste that everyone should explore.

Creation Apricity Heets cigarettes provide a better smoking experience adapting with recent technology that allows a new specially designed tobacco heating system. An IQOS holder which is a battery-powered heating system that heats tobacco at a temperature of approximately 250-350oc. This is a lot lower temperatures than other regular cigarettes. Creation Heets does not contain tar and other harmful substances like regular cigarettes. This tobacco consuming system is much healthier and safer than the regular system.

If you want to buy Creations Apricity heets for IQOS device and looking for heets online then you won’t have to search for anymore because we provide the best IQOS products to the customers. Get cheap heets near you with the quality that will satisfy you. Let’s take a look at the features that Creation Apricity offers:

  • Each heat can be enjoyed for up to 14 puffs.
  • The fantastic fruity aroma that enhances IQOS experience.
  • Different flavored smooth tobacco tastes all in one pack.
  • 6.1g tobacco mix per stick.

Creation Heets

You don’t need to search online anymore for different stores to get the best and cost-efficient products because we are here to fulfill your desire. Get the best IQOS experience shopping from us. We provide high-quality IQOS products at reasonable prices.

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